Welcome to “Sprinkle with Grace” Where we sell Hand-crafted natural products and Hand sewn Goodies for the Home and Body. All made with Love! You will find a full range of unique body, face and hair care products created with natural occurring and high quality ingredients. All of the products are environmentally friendly and produced. We sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as we do! We Love making hand crafted goodies for the hair and body! Sharing our passion with the world!

SWG believes that skincare should be Fun, Nurturing & Natural. Made from fresh, unprocessed, natural materials containing the highest quality ingredients. With so many so called “Natural” skin care lines, which are loaded with fillers and potentially harmful chemicals, the nourishing formula of SWG protects and restores naturally! Finally, a non-toxic line of skin, hair and home care products you will be proud to use!

We have a Love for fresh Fruits and Vegetables. That Is why we Load all of our products with Real fruits and veggies! If you can eat it then it is Good enough to go onto your skin. The Largest Organ we have is our skin and it is important to take care not to harm it. Natural products work far better than synthetic chemical imitations that tear up our skins’ natural cycles. Human sebum, the natural oil that your body makes to protect your skin, is very important and it is the first layer of protection against the elements. Unknowingly we strip it away when we use bars of detergent from the grocery store. Human sebum is so important to good skin health and using natural soap is a great way to treat yourself and improve overall skin health. Learning the difference between natural products versus chemically derived substitutes is actually simple. Chemicals in skin care products should be avoided. If the ingredient list is full of long scary words you do not understand this means you should steer clear. Buy skin care products with ingredients you can understand!

Danielle Lasit + SWG Crew

Sweet Blessings


Sprinkle with Grace | Office (646)-504-6052 | New York, NY 10009 | © 2014 Danielle Lasit & Sprinkle with Grace | Skin Care, Haircare + Homecare Products Good Enough to Eat | Sweet Treats for the Mind + Body

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  1. Malisha Stroud says:

    Hello! I am here in Shreveport La and i’ve just recently started a meet up group called Spirals Springs & Knots so far so good and they are asking for more my next event will be on November 29th which is titled Sip & Learn Health Hair and Wellness Brunch i was wondering if you would be willing to sponsor some of your product i’m only going to do 25 swag bags but any amount given would be greatly and thankfully appreciated. Can’t wait to hear back from you!

    Thanks a bunch!
    Spirals Springs & Knots

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